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Welcome to Dan's Odyssey!

Updated: Mar 4

Who am I?

Hey, it's Dan here, and guess what? My next big adventure is about to kick off, and I'm stoked to take you along for the ride!

I'm 46, living the Kiwi life in the picturesque New Plymouth, New Zealand. Now, don't get me wrong, NZ is a jaw-dropping wonderland, that as a photographer I appreciate. But here's the thing – it's a bit isolated, a tad small, and I'm feeling the itch to explore beyond the Kiwi shores.

A Degree to Back Me Up

I just achieved a Bachelor of Screen Arts Degree, officially donning the hat of a Content Creator. Now, what should I do with these newfound skills? Well, hit the road with my camera in tow and see what kind of magic I can create!

The Travel Bug

The travel bug bit me way back when I was a 5-year-old. My English grandmother sent me this giant book with a name like "The Colours of England." No, I didn't read it – I was too busy getting lost in the vibrant photos of England's landscapes. I vividly remember a red door in a stone building. I even took that book to school to show and tell, I remember my friend Jamie claiming he'd been to that exact spot and making me jealous. Turns out, it was just a childhood boast, but the seed of wanderlust was planted. I wanted to see it all.

Fast Forward to 1997

I grabbed the chance to live in England for eight glorious years. I was 19, made a few blunders (who doesn't at that age?), and didn't exactly squeeze the most out of the opportunity. But hey, I made lifelong friends, weathered some storms, and truly soaked in the English vibe.

Round Two

I've now got a one-way ticket to London for the 28th of March, and the plan is simple – make this journey as epic and extended as possible. I'm talking slow travel. None of the rushed 6 countries in a week style. I want to immerse myself in the real deal, soaking up every moment of this adventure.

Join Me

Join me as I prep for takeoff, and stay tuned for updates from the road. Here's to living the dream and embracing the unknown! Don't forget to Subscribe at the bottom of the page so you don't miss the adventures on Dan's Odyssey! Cheers to new places, fresh experiences, and meeting fantastic people.

I encourage you to comment and ask questions, let me know you're there. Wish me luck, and let the odyssey begin!


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2 Kommentare

28. März

Good Luck Dan, excited already to be following your journey.

Gefällt mir
Dan Brighurst
Dan Brighurst
22. Apr.
Antwort an

Thank you!

Gefällt mir
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