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Importance of an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind has always been my thing – embracing whatever comes my way, acknowledging that while I may know a lot, I definitely don't know everything. But as I gear up for my travels, tuning into travel podcasts and diving into Vlogs, a little self-reflection has me questioning just how open-minded I truly am.

Food - Play it safe or take a risk?

Like with food. I've never really been a die-hard foodie, often seeing grub as a fuel source to power my adventures. Sure, there's the occasional sweet tooth and an undeniable addiction to ice cream (who can resist?). But as I dissected my 'Why,' as discussed in a previous post, I realised my taste buds might need a shake-up. Maybe it's time to broaden my culinary horizons, embrace new flavours, and ditch the routine of ordering the same ol' steak. How about playing culinary 'Russian Roulette'? Randomly picking items off menus, trying them first, and only then figuring out what it is. It's a bold move, a flavour adventure where I might fall in love or detest what's on my plate. And why not consult the staff for recommendations? What's their speciality, what would they eat, or better yet, what would their grandmother whip up? I'm on a mission to savour the tastes of different cultures – an adventure for the taste buds indeed!

Missing Out

Now, let's talk about motion sickness. As a kid, car rides were a battleground, and flights weren't much better. Vertigo vibes on boats as an adult led to a failsafe habit of snoozing on any transport I wasn't driving. But you know what? Time for a mind makeover. No more automatic shutdown. Back in Europe, FOMO struck after missing out on train bar shenanigans due to a power nap. This time, I'm committed to staying awake, mingling, and creating those dreamy experiences I've always fantasised about. Who knows who I'll meet with this fresh mindset?

Life's for Living!

It seems I have been reasonably open-minded in my little safe haven in New Zealand, but a little more wouldn’t hurt. My new travel mantra? Understand the new, broaden horizons, embrace different cultures, and revel in the differences instead of sizing them up against my expectations. Sure, it might pose some challenges, but hey, challenges are the ingredients for adventures, and adventures make kick-ass life stories.

Here's to an open mind, a happy belly, and a journey full of unexpected flavours and friendships! 🌍🍜


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