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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Updated: Mar 4

Ever had that burning desire for something, wished for it, meticulously planned for it, only to feel a wave of doubt as it inches closer to becoming a reality?

Yep, that's the rollercoaster I'm riding right now. With my studies wrapped up, everyone's buzzing about my next move. Picture this: I spill the beans about my upcoming adventure, and I get to witness envy lighting up their faces as they hang onto my every word. It's not just about buying the tickets; sharing the news puts some serious 'skin in the game.' No turning back now – I'm all in, and that amps up the odds of turning my dreams into reality.

Winning Formula?

Now, the blogs, podcasts, and articles I devour swear by this formula: commit, share, conquer. Sounds foolproof, right? Enter doubt – that pesky little demon perched on my shoulder, whispering uncertainties. The unknown awaits, a plunge into fresh cultures, different ways of living, and a buffet of opinions and ideas. Challenges? Oh, they're lined up like unopened presents, and no amount of prep can unwrap them all.

Fiscal Fear

Being a Kiwi adds an extra layer of nerves. The New Zealand dollar's flexing its muscles, but when it faces off with the GB pound, US dollar, or Euro, it's like David against Goliath. And let's not even talk about hostel costs in London – my jaw practically kissed the floor.

Fear and anxiety are hitchhikers on this journey. Normal, right? I've made peace with them and acknowledged their presence, but I refuse to let them take the wheel. Money's getting squirrelled away, and I'll have to stretch it like elastic, maybe even pick up some side gigs along the way.

Too Safe is Boring

Truth is, you can't plan for everything; life's a wild card, especially when you're jet-setting into the unknown. But here's the twist – that's precisely why I'm doing it. If I wanted the same old song and dance, I'd stay put. Instead, I'm gearing up to embrace the unpredictability, face it head-on, and turn those challenges into the best darn stories.

Buckle up, folks – the adventure train's about to leave the station! 🌍🚂

Let me know

What holds you back from exploring? What could you do to overcome those obstacles and explore your way? Leave your comments below and don't forget to subscribe for all the new updates along my journey.


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