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Discovering the Hidden Gems of Pula: Transparent Kayaking Adventure

When I hit a new destination, my go-to move is to wander around aimlessly and soak it all in. No maps, no advice, no research—just my feet and my curiosity. But by day two, I’m online, hunting for cool things to do. That’s how I stumbled upon this awesome kayaking trip in Pula, Croatia. But it wasn’t just any kayaking trip—it was in transparent kayaks with LED lights underneath!

Setting the Scene

Our adventure kicked off at Verudela Beach. The crew was busy setting up the kayaks as we gathered around. After a quick briefing and grabbing some gear to stay comfy, we were introduced to the kayaks. These weren’t your average kayaks—they were wider, designed for two, and completely transparent. You could see the seabed glide beneath you as we pushed off from the shore. It was like floating on glass.

Flying Solo

Most kayaks were set up for two, but being a solo traveller, I got one to myself. It had its perks and downsides. On the plus side, it was lighter and maybe a bit easier to manoeuvre. But on the flip side, I had to do all the paddling myself. Also, sitting solo meant the kayak dipped slightly forward, making it a bit tricky to balance, especially when we hit small swells between the islands.

Guided by the Pros

Our guides, Lorina and Emanuel, led the way on their Stand Up Paddle boards (SUPs). They were super friendly and kept the vibes fun, guiding us around the islands and making sure we didn’t get too close to the shore. We watched the sunset in the channel between the islands, the water gently lapping against the kayaks. It was serene and beautiful.

The Glow Up

As night fell, the LED lights under the kayaks transformed the crystal-clear waters into a glowing spectacle. Skimming the shorelines, we could see the rocks and sea urchins illuminated beneath us. It was a unique way to experience the sea life, even though we didn’t spot much that night. That’s the thing about nature—it’s hit or miss, but always authentic.

Cave Exploration and Cold Beers

Lorina guided us into a cave one at a time. Inside, we saw the rock strata and vibrant sea algae in shades of purple and bright red. Meanwhile, Emanuel served us cold beers as we waited our turn. It was a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Wet and Wild

You might think you’ll stay dry in a kayak, but that’s not the case. Water drips from the paddle, and occasionally, it’ll lap over the rim of the kayak. The guides provided wet weather gear to keep us comfortable. I went barefoot and didn’t feel cold, but some wore beach shoes. Expect to get your feet wet getting in and out of the kayak.

The Arm Workout

The whole trip took about two hours. A friend had warned me that kayaking can be tough on the arms. Around the 15-minute mark, I started to understand what she meant. My arms were aching, and I thought, “Oh no, I’ve got another hour and forty-five minutes of this!” But soon, my arms adjusted, and the discomfort faded (and I wasn't sore the next day either).

Personal Challenge

For me, the trip was a bit more challenging due to an old back injury. I knew it might be tough, but I’m not one to let it stop me from living my life. Despite some pain, I pushed through and had no regrets. The beach at the end of the trip however, was a welcome sight!

Capturing the Moments

The guides took photos along the way and provided a link to download them afterwards. Pro tip: don’t forget to download them ASAP. The link is only available for five days. I missed out on mine, but I have my own photos and videos to cherish.

Worth the Paddle

Overall, this was a fun and worthwhile experience. If you find yourself in Pula, give it a go. I went before peak season, so our group was small. Later in the season, it might be busier, but I imagine just as fun.

Try It Yourself

Want to try this unique kayaking experience? Here’s the link: Transparent Kayak Night Glow Tour.

Have you tried something similar or have other recommendations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



May 29

An awesome experience for you, Dan. Thanks for sharing the magic. Definitely seems a good place to visit.


Gemma Enn
Gemma Enn
May 28

Dan, that looks magical. Unforgettable. Nice video too, seems so atmospheric when you're gliding along with the lights beneath you all.

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