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Meet Dan

Hi! I'm Dan, and this is my Odyssey. I have an insatiable curiosity for the world's diverse wonders. Having nurtured the dream of exploring the globe since my youth. I grew up on stories my mum would tell me of the travels she and my dad made before I was born. From hearing about 2 random big, long-haired and big bearded Australians standing guard while mum slept on a train through Java, to 'burning their way through the Equator' as a large tree blocked the road in northern Sumatra and the bus drivers stood on top of it either side with a small fire pouring petrol on it. Travel seems to be in my blood and all I have ever truly wanted to do was have stories like this to tell.  

Dan's Odyssey Sunset Profile Photo

My creative journey began seven years ago with landscape photography, a love affair with capturing the beauty of nature. Daniel Mark Photography was born.  This has gradually evolved into a fascination with creating engaging photos and videos for clients.

I now stand at the exciting crossroads of realising that dream. At 46, armed with a freshly minted Bachelor of Screen Arts Degree, specialising in Content Creation, I am ready to fuse my passion for travel with my newfound skills. Whether freezing a moment in a single frame or weaving engaging narratives through dynamic video content, my lens breathes life into my adventures, inviting you to join me on the exhilarating ride that is Dan's Odyssey.


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